Smith College Historic Buildings of Massachusetts

Smith College Historic Buildings of Massachusetts

William Smith first-year students love the experience of residing in Hirshson Hall because it provides the unique experience of the William Smith Hill Neighborhood and residing near many upperclass students. Comstock Hall is one of the most well-known and highly sought after William Smith housing locations. The lowest level, known as Comstock Pondview, is home to first-year students and has a beautiful lounge and study space.

construction of houses at smith college

The renovation strategy consisted of replacing the exterior envelope with appropriate insulation, high-performance glazing and energy-efficient systems while matching the color and tectonic language of the original metal panels and details. Efficient building systems and water-saving plumbing fixtures were installed throughout to improve the building’s performance and increase energy and water efficiency. Construction for an approximately 140,000-square-foot science and engineering building to facilitate Smith College’s expanding engineering program will require the removal of four houses containing 26 college-owned apartments. In the intervening decades, the building aged and eventually became an undesired housing accommodation. But Smith’s leadership understood its place in history and the value it had in the continuum of their physical campus heritage. The transformation, done in two summers, created a welcoming and desirable home for a new generation of women to enjoy.

Building Features

The team found that this project has opened doors and changed minds at the state DEP. The Limits to Growth Imperative precludes a green field development, though it offers an exception for projects whose primary purpose is related to the protection and interpretation of the land. These units offer double occupancy, family size refrigerators, large kitchen area, study room with computer access, and a large social and lounge area.

  • After the hearing, Cochrane declined to give a timetable for the Paradise Road construction project.
  • William Smith first-year students love the experience of residing in Hirshson Hall because it provides the unique experience of the William Smith Hill Neighborhood and residing near many upperclass students.
  • Some of these are not technically even “adjacent” because of intervening parcel boundaries.
  • “We’re not here just to slap people with demolition delays,” said Drake.

To bring daylight deeper into the floor plate, some end-of-corridor bedrooms were transformed into lounges and a new multi-level skylight was introduced in front of the new elevators. The interior renovation restored the mid-century design through color palettes, carpet patterns, and furnishings. The most widely-used spaces, the kitchen and game rooms, were brought up from the basement to the ground floor to create a welcoming environment for social interaction. The building is set into the sloping, inclined meadow below a small rise in an area used as a stone dump by generations of farmers. It encloses two major spaces – a classroom for biological and earth sciences, and a seminar space for humanities seminars and larger group gatherings.

Helen Hills Chapel, Smith College (

The building was thermally modeled using RHVAC – Elite Software ( A residential/small commercial heating ventilating and air-conditioning loads calculation program based on ACCA Manual J (8th edition) method. This program was used to calculate design the peak heating and cooling loads including ventilation. In particular, he was skeptical that a composting toilet provided code required room mechanical ventilation. The project team sent a letter formally explainingthe concept and the Phoenix fan capacity, and also that the addition of any supplementary mechanical ventilation would disrupt the effective operation of the composter ventilation. From Colonial Revival to Modern, learn the history of nearly every residence hall and building on campus.

Lambert Hall (Osgood Living Learning Community)

The elements would be donated to the Center for EcoTechnology for resale as recycled building materials. LaFleur had since conducted a geographic analysis reaffirm that they had enough signatures. No further discussion of the matter has been undertaken by the city.

However, the team wanted all involved to understand what it felt like to satisfactorily vet a product, so each member conducted the vetting for three or four products (C&H vetted the vetting thoroughly). The Western Mass Electric Company (WMECo) is the regional utility company, whose requirements were satisfied along with the State of Massachusetts CMR-78EMGL. Massachusetts has sophisticated Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards and other policies that support and encourage distributed generation.

The demolition of these 26 Smith-owned units in the area of Belmont and Arnold avenues will be replaced with the construction of new apartments located at 36 Bedford Terrance, near downtown Northampton. Smith College sold its property at 36 Bedford Terrance to local developer, O’Connell Development Group of Holyoke. Feiden echoed frustrations of being unable to find peaceful territory between academic development and community responsibility. Residents don’t want Ford Hall there at all; Smith College won’t consider alternative building locations. “That building may be part of future science expansion in that area, but the process of designing and constructing a new building is a lengthy process,” Cole said.

With Ford Hall’s groundbreaking scheduled as early as this spring, four apartment buildings and 26 total apartment units along Belmont and Arnold Avenue will be torn down during the construction. For more information about the trash and recycling program in the residence halls, go to the Sustainable Smith website. Clean up after yourself and be sure to wash your dishes and take them back to your room. The housekeeping staff empty kitchenette trash receptacles, but they do not clean the kitchenettes.

Each unit is designed with a kitchen and a common living area to encourage social interaction, while also providing private bedrooms for each student. There are additional communal study and laundry areas in the southernmost building. This public/private negotiation continues in the central courtyard, which acts as an extension of adjacent streets that run through campus, while also providing outdoor spaces for Paradise Road residents to gather. Representative of Smith’s desire to nurture students who are good stewards and citizens, Paradise Road achieved LEED® Gold for Homes status. At Smith College, a private women’s liberal arts school where building community is a guiding ethos, Paradise Road Housing Complex offers a new take on an old tradition.

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